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Romano Bianchi

ROMANO BIANCHI is a lover of the word who has decided to act. After having composed and played in the bands Magic & Naked or La Cabane de Baldwin, then officiating as lyricist for the singer Kacimi, Romano Bianchi gathered the jewel of the French-speaking pop scene in an isolated building in the mountains to record his first solo effort.

The singer-guitarist dares to use French to accompany a music that is sometimes contemplative and often psychedelic, full of literary or musical references in homage to the heralds of the sixties pop movement. In woody and melodious tones, the singer tells us about his anguish and comments on his neurosis(es) with a caustic touch that unfortunately reveals the lucidity of the person concerned on his deplorable mental state.

A base of humour, therefore, on which Romano Bianchi rests and which reminds us of his well-known family motto: “to set the bar high enough to be able to pass well below it”.