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Róisín Murphy

The iconic Róisín Murphy has established herself as one of the most avant-garde voices in electronic pop. Born in Ireland, it was in Manchester that she discovered her passion for fashion, alternative music and clubbing. In 1994, she formed the duo Moloko with Mark Brydon. Together they scored a number of dancefloorclassics, including ‘The Time Is Now’ and ‘Sing it Back’. Róisín Murphy began her prolific solo career in 2005. Each new album has been met with rave reviews, praising her innovative approach to disco, techno, house and art pop. Her latest album, Hit Parade, in collaboration with DJ Koze, reached number 5 in the UK charts. Twenty-five years after the Moloko concert at the Miles Davis Hall, Róisín Murphy will be playing solo for the first time in Montreux.