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Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a creation of two, Árni Gudjonsson and Natalia Sushcenko. He was born in a small town outside of Reykjavik, Iceland and wanted to become a concert pianist when he was a child. Everything changed, when one of his bands took off. Of Monster and Men became a worldwide sensation with their hit song “Little Talks” and platinum album “My Head is an animal” in 2011, when Árni was just 23. After a few years of intense touring and playing the album, Árni was burned out and wanted to have a fresh start, that’s when he met Nata. She was studying fashion design in Barcelona and wrote songs only as a hobby. Born far North in a mining soviet town in Siberia, her background was much more different. “I was dreaming to be a musician, but it was just not an option in 90s Russia, so I picked design.”

Fascinated by 70s psychedelic scene, contemporary indie wave and pop, their music reflected their personalities. Charismatic couple developed their style not only through music, but Nata’s fashion and design background played a role in the look of Pale Moon too. They don’t shy away from sequins, corduroy and velvet, but beneath their cheerful silly appearance lies the hard work they put into anything they present.