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Noemi Beza

18-year-old Noemi Beza is an outstanding talent from eastern Switzerland. For her, songwriting is like a diary entry that allows her to express her feelings, thoughts and emotions and share them with us. Her songs are characterised by her clear and warm voice, which immediately captivates the listener.

Even if Noemi Beza is still considered an insider tip, she has already achieved remarkable success by making it to the final of the Demotape Clinic at the m4music Festival in Zurich. With her music, she manages to transport listeners into her own world and convey a whole range of emotions, from happy and cheerful sounds to melancholic pop songs.

With her unique voice and talent for writing songs that go straight to the heart, she has the potential to become one of the greatest artists of her generation. So, get ready and let Noemi Beza’s music take you into a world full of emotions. You won’t regret it!