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NAFT is a unique instrumental tech house phenomenon from Belgium. 4 horn players and 2 drummers bring a pounding wall of techno and house beats in which the boundary between electronic and acoustic elements fades. In dialogue with digital and analog electronics, the band creates a sonic universe with brass-synths and hybrid drums. Horns experiment with effect pedals and a unique combination of acoustic and electronic drums blends into a highly flammable substance that makes you tremble, dance, rave.

NAFT mixes the energy of brass culture with the ecstatic dance sound of “The Sound of Belgium”. Their unique approach takes the genre to a completely new experience. NAFT brings a live show that can compete with DJ acts, plus an infectious live experience that continues to resonate. Like no other, NAFT makes things spin, blaze, and inevitably explode.

NAFT arose in 2018 from a rare musical connection between Floris De Smet, Tom Heynssens, Robbe Latré, Niels Van Paemel, Geraard Buyck and Dimitri Defossé, and evolved from a guerilla street band to an impressive live act with experience on hundreds of stages in Belgium and abroad. Their strong live reputation has brought them to numerous renowned European stages.