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Mimmo Falcone, alias MoBlack, has been at the forefront of the Afro House scene for decades, erecting and elevating a stronghold of the movement, from its origins in the African continent, into the world. But beyond that, the virtuoso is a renegade, a visionary who never lets the confines of genre limit the depth and reach of his music.

Whether as producer, selector, or A&R, MoBlack’s sophisticated taste and defiance have not only helped shape the ever-evolving sound of the electronic music underground, but also championed its universality, expanding its gambit, and propagating its ability to shake and move.

As a DJ, MoBlack is a sought-after mood setter, who brings unparalleled energy to any venue, from intimate club settings to festivals all over the globe. Balancing eclectic taste with an ear for the most forward-thinking, sonic elements, he takes listeners on climactic voyages that not only transcend to other realms but also teach a new way of feeling music.

In the studio, MoBlack is an enterprising genius with infinite ideas and a torrent of innovative skills up his sleeve. His repertoire has, throughout the years, manifested superb versatility and a level of authenticity built on a profound understanding of music and soul-to-soul connection. More than artistry, MoBlack fuels his productions with texture and grit, enabling soundscapes to withstand the test of trends and time. A perfect match for daydreamers, night visionaries, and wanderlusts, his production approach culminates in memorable musical experiences that celebrate being in the moment. His music echoes rich tapestries of culture, inspired by ten years of calling Ghana home and seeing the world with deeper appreciation.

It was in Ghana that Mimmo was reborn, touched by the Twi spirit of Mo’, but ever a curious artist with a penchant for a diverse range of music, MoBlack always cruises the axis between past, present, and future, letting the sacred spaces between and within House, Electronic, Melodic, and Techno, invigorate his craft.

Wednesday – 17 July
La Coupole
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