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Maxance Leda

Maxance Leda Dell’Orefice is a self-taught, multi-faceted artist who puts improvisation at the heart of her performances. An author, composer, performer, bassoonist and guitarist, she has been a musician and actor for 20 years, moving between improvised theatre, music and literature in multidisciplinary projects.
In the course of her shows and concerts in Switzerland and abroad, she has collaborated with a wide variety of artists specialising in both improvised theatre and music. She has performed, often several times, at the Vaud Convention Centre, as well as at a number of EPFL festivals (Artiphys, Vivapoly, SATRocks), the Montreux Jazz Festival (2018), the MAD Club in Lausanne, the Hôtel La Réserve in Geneva, the Esprit Frappeur in Lutry, the Tais-toi Théâtre in Neuchâtel, the Fête de la Musique in Geneva, and so on.

Passionate and driven by a rare energy, she co-created the Ephemeryon festival from 2019 to 2022, incorporated the young Impro Castel company in Neuchâtel from its inception, joined the committee of the Fela Kuti tribute band Kalakuta Mentality, co-created the Katch Impro Festival in Neuchâtel and joined Dance Music Creation alongside her professional commitments at Jokers Comedy (co-founded by Sébastien Corthésy and Thomas Wiesel) and Impro-Suisse. In 2023, she decided to return to her studies and embarked on a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Cultural Project Management at the HEM in Geneva, followed by her first solo project, Maxance Leda.