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When Maëlle talks about her songs, she speaks like a painter who wants to invent new colours to sketch a world where the impossible no longer has a say. In her eyes, you can read an unquenchable thirst for adventure, a desire to be herself. Maëllechante breathes as others breathe. The voice is her path, the one she has chosen for life. Self-taught, she learnt to play the piano at the age of 4, then later the guitar. She sings for herself and her friends, and posts covers of Lana Del Rey, Thérapie Taxi and Billie Eilish on Instagram. She discovered the power of melody and wrote her first songs. She signed up for The Voice, almost as a challenge. She was selected. And off she went. Armed only with her passion and her courage, she thought of it as a game, a first contact with the stage. Nothing more, nothing less. Victory is not on her mind. That’s for the others. Zazie selects her. And she won. This consecration marked out a destiny: an album, concerts, national exposure.

Monday – 15 July
Terrasse ibis MUSIC
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