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LyOsun is a one-man band. The “Electro-melodic” project of Raphaël Litzistorf. For instruments, the Genevan has his guitar, a keyboard, a sax, a pad and his smoked voice.

Inspired by the new generation of “Techno-melodic” composers such as Thylacine, Fakear and Ben Böhmer, he decides to stay active during the health crisis by composing a new set more rhythmic, more dancing and more ample. In an electro mixed with ethnic inspirations, LyOsun invites to strong sensations.

Deep and poignant on record, the tracks become feverish and dynamic on stage and turn into a dance anthem.
His first single “Modern Feeling” released on February 25th and played on several radio playlists gave birth to a second single “Platonic” released on April 22nd to confirm that LyOsun is starting to take his place in the international electro scene.