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Luidji is the story of a guy who sinks, but who rises again. And this first album : Tristesse Business Saison 1, is in reality only the finishing line of a sinuous artistic path. A dense project of 17 tracks, in huis-clos with the vaporous spirit of this south-west Parisian. But before arriving at this album, Luidji had a hard time. It is in the middle of the 2010s that his name began to create emulsion, in the wake of his collective La Capsule (where Dinos & Beeby evolve). He concretized his emergence by releasing two EPs: Station 1999 (2014) and Mécanique des Fluides (2015). After that: 4 silent years, and this feeling of being pulled towards the bottom by bad relations. He finally finds the strength to go back up with his team by founding the label Foufoune Palace Bonjour. On Tristesse Business Season 1, Luidji finally finds his path.

  • Swiss exclusivity