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Luca Duran

Luca Durań follows a series of stellar EPs with his first solo album, released via his own Akoya Circles imprint. The uncategorizable Swiss-Colombian producer embarks on a wide-ranging electronic journey throughout ‘Libertas’, a diverse sonic exploration of the concepts of freedom and independence, two hallmarks of his already diverse studio work.

This debut album comes from a period of creative metamorphosis, during which Durań ’s musical output evolved from the dextrous house, techno & electro of earlier releases under his original production moniker Look Like. Beginning with the Circunvalar EP in summer 2019, when Durań began releasing solely under his own name, his style has now grown beyond the traditional dancefloor genres of electronic music to encompass influences from Ambient, Latin Rhythms and IDM. This has carried through all his recent work, including the recent EP for TraTraTrax, the sub- label of Colombia’s Insurgentes collective, on which Durań explicitly reconnected with the iconography of his family’s homeland.