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Lou Combo

Lou Combo, known in the Zurich DJ scene for his unique sound, has become a regular feature at prominent clubs such as Hive, Kaufleuten, Zukunft, and many more. His reputation extends beyond club nights; he has performed at renowned festivals like Streetparade, Terrazzza Horsepark, Arosa Electronica, Rakete The Lake, and several others.

As a member of the young artist collective All I Need (Riser) under the guidance of Andrea Oliva, Lou Combo has had the opportunity to share the stage with notable DJs such as Andrea Oliva, Dennis Cruz, Liva K, MoBlack, and many more.

His journey into DJing began unexpectedly at a home party. Standing behind the DJ booth for fun, Lou realized that he enjoyed DJing more than he had anticipated. Music has always been a significant part of his life, and his passion for electronic music, though discovered later, has grown profoundly. Lou Combo embraces all kinds of music, whether groovy, deep, melodic, funky, disco, or tropical – the essential factor is that he feels a connection to it.

His versatility and deep understanding of various musical genres enable him to create an atmosphere that resonates with his audience. Lou Combo’s sets are characterized by their emotional depth and rhythmic complexity, making him a favorite among both club-goers and festival attendees. His dedication to his craft and his ability to adapt and innovate continue to drive his success in the electronic music scene.

Wednesday – 17 July
La Coupole
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