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Linda Vogel

Harpist and singer Linda Vogel wrote her debut album „Maps to Others“ (Radicalis Music, 26.04.2019) on the Atlantic shoreline, in a place called Finistère, the end of the world. With her new workshe takes us on a journey into an open, trembling territory. With harp, drums and her voice, she paints her own universe, juxtaposing fragile moments with rapped poetry. Her compositions and lyrics speak of her own encounters with the world and are intermingled with influences of writers such as Bertolt Brecht, Fernando Pessoa or John Donne.

Linda Vogel, who used to live in London, expands the sound spectrum of her instrument through the use of effect pedals and extended playing techniques. Together with drummer Vincent Glanzmann and bespoke mechanical harp triggers, she creates sounds and moods which are punctuated by driving and incisive rhythms. Her self-made technological extensions to the electro-acoustic harp transform the seemingly antique instrument and immerse listeners in new fields of yet untried sounds. 

Linda Vogel: voc, harp, triggers, effects

Vincent Glanzmann: drums, perc