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Licia Chery Duo

Licia Chery is indomitable! She is sometimes presenter of the game C’est Ma Question on RTS, sometimes author of historical fiction (Noir en couleur, ed. Favre), sometimes founder of a publishing house (Les éditions visibles), where she publishes, among other things, the adventures of Tichéri, a series of illustrated sociological albums for children… She goes where the wind takes her…
On 18 July, she’ll be taking the Terrasse Nestlé stage in Montreux by surprise! Accompanied by her sidekick Raoul Baumann, Licia will deliver a spellbinding concert, blending soul, pop and retro. Because above all, Licia Chery is a voice. A warm, vibrant voice, capable of transporting us from Gospel to Reggae, from Folk to Pop.
Licia is a true musical traveller. Her talent takes us on a journey through genres and emotions, touching our souls and hearts to our heart’s content. ‘The world is everything and its opposite,’ she says. ‘It would be madness to explore only one facet of ourselves…’.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover Licia Chery on stage and let yourself be carried away by her voice and her musical universe. Join us on 18 July at Terrasse Nestlé for an evening under a summer sky!