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Lee Gendary

Lee Gendary grew up in the capital of the canton of Vaud, rocked from an early age by her parents’ Zouk and Raggae vinyl records. Enthralled by the American hip-hop, R&B and dance craze of the 90s, she spent her early years in clubs. An inveterate party girl and dreamer at heart, the nights in Lausanne and elsewhere kept her waltzing until the sun came up. It was during an impromptu evening in 2017 that she was introduced to the world of electro. A lifelong lover of music, she took an interest in this hitherto little-known style and ended up becoming passionate about it. Drawing on a wide range of influences, it was only natural that she should start mixing styles to create her own unique and magical style. With a real passion for dance and music, which she describes as liberating and ennobling, she’s been sharing her sunny, groovy universe for 2 years now, and it’s bound to enchant you. After a series of dates in Lausanne (Folklor, Plan B) and Geneva (Weetamix), she also performed last year at the Polaris Festival in Verbier.