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Beneath a futuristic light show, two bodies lean over a technological array and sway rhythmically to the sound of compressed synthesisers and pulsating bass. Driven by their striking musical and visual style, Justice set the global electronic music scene alight fifteen years ago and they’re still burning bright. Propelled by their hit single ‘D.A.N.C.E’, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have won numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Electro Album (Woman Worldwide) in 2019. After a few years’ absence, their long-awaited return is scheduled for 26th April with Hyperdrama, an album of explosive promise. Four of the album’s thirteen tracks have already been unveiled, including their collaboration with Tame Impala, ‘One Night/All Night’. The French duo’s first Montreux Jazz Festival will be a memorable, electrifying visual and aural crowning moment.

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  • Guitars

    To all guitarists and MJF fans out there: this new limited series is made for you!

  • Glass Bottle

    Borosilicate glass (laboratory glass), which is approx. 50 percent lighter, more heat-resistant, suitable for cold and hot drinks

    Bouteille verre