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Jarreau Vandal

If Dutch producer and DJ Jarreau Vandal could be described using one word, it would be versatile.

Raised in a musical family- with a grandfather who was a producer, and parents who used to be dancers at Amsterdam clubs-Vandal’s earliest memory of loving music is playing in his church band as a drummer.

Having been exposed to a wide variety of musical influences right from gospel and soul to jazz and house, Vandal’s musical identity is organic as he aims to combine everything that inspires him, turning it into his own authentic, one-of-a-kind brand of music with a focus on putting out good vibes.

Gaining fame for his edits, such as Rihanna’s “Work” and remixes such as Dua Lipa’s “New Love” and Mahalia’s “Sober”, which is his most successful remix as far streams are concerned, Vandal is looking forward to evolving and establishing himself as an album artist. With more confidence in who he is and what he wants to say as a musician, Vandal is now ready to expand his horizons from DJ and producer to an all-rounder; his upcoming EP The Villain Within, out on 19th June, is the another step in the journey.