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Zurich-based Swiss pop artist Jamila is the latest label signing from Young and Aspiring. Jamila’s songwriting is about creating space for vulnerability and self-reflection. She had a strong interest in music from a young age, but for a long time couldn’t imagine her songs taking place anywhere other than the familiar surroundings of her bedroom. It was only recently that she found the courage to open up and give others access to her music. The first official single ‘Indifferent’ was released in April and was promptly included in the daily program of Swiss national radio SRF3. This is not entirely surprising, as Jamila’s music is often reminiscent of established artists such as Lorde or Taylor Swift. In terms of content, the young Zurich native addresses the challenges of growing up, fears and heartache in her songs. A promising new act that not only writes pop music for dancing, but also for thinking and crying.