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Jalen Ngonda

Swiss exclusivity

“If I had to describe my music to an outsider, I’d call it modern soul with a touch of the Beach Boys and the Beatles”, is how American musician Jalen Ngonda defines his art, and never a truer word was said. His sublime falsetto voice is worthy of the greatest soul singers of the 60s and 70s, inevitably evoking Marvin Gaye. At an early age, Jalen Ngonda was introduced to music by his father, who listened to Motown artists obsessively. The influence is such that Ngonda has almost become the label’s contemporary incarnation. Signed to the prestigious Daptone Records, the singer released his debut album Come Around and Love Me in 2023. After taking part in the Montreux Jazz Talent Awards in 2018, and supporting Lauryn Hill in 2019, he’s back in force to thrill Festival audiences.