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Netherlands-based Sudanese singer and songwriter Gaidaa accesses soul in its purest form through organic R&B punctuated by acoustic instrumentation and lyrics laced with raw vulnerability. Putting up over 1 million streams independently and garnering support from COLORS, The FADER, Schön! Magazine, and more, the rising songstress holds nothing back on her 2020 debut EP, Overture. In 2017 Gaidaa’s Kehlani cover caught the attention of producer Full Crate. Together, they cooked up “A Storm On A Summer’s Day,” which amassed nearly 7 million total streams to date. Leaving University, she dove headfirst into music, constantly writing, recording and taking on any little gigs eventually leading her to perform backup on tour with Masego over the summer. In 2019, COLORS invited her to record “Morning Blue” at their studio as part of a bigger project shedding light on the political/social climate in Sudan. The title references the #BlueForSudan campaign, encouraging social media users to change their profile pictures to blue in solidarity with Sudan and in honor of a protest victim who favored the color steel blue.