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Fredz emerges like a character straight out of a Wes Anderson or Harmony Korine film, captivating with his bowl haircut and round glasses. As a post-adolescent on a constant quest for exploration, he observes the world in order to transcend it. Originally from Montreal, the 20-year-old artist embodies a harmonious fusion of multiple musical genres, from rap and pop to trap and soul. His creations skilfully evoke the contrasts between sun and night, everyday life and metamorphosis.

At the heart of the Montreal music scene, Fredz has forged powerful links with audiences in France, Belgium and Switzerland. His freestyles, regularly shared on social platforms, captivate a committed fanbase (500,000 subscribers on TikTok / 135,000 on Instagram), testifying to his growing influence. In 2022, he marked a significant milestone with the release of his flagship album “Astronaute”, streams from which have since topped the 40 million mark.

The major influence of his French fanbase is felt in his artistic choices. This can be seen in his landmark collaboration with French rapper Kemler, who contributed to the album “Astronaute”. His duets with talents such as Laucarré, giving life to the captivating “Si mon cœur passe l’hiver”, and with Leslie Medina on the bewitching single “Les belles filles”, released in October 2022, underline his ability to transcend musical boundaries.

Buoyed by the momentum of his European development, supported by MCA/UMF and in collaboration with the Blue Citron & Vertigo agency, Fredz is now embarking on a new stage in his career. His bold ambition is to extend his influence to an even wider audience, while anticipation grows around the release of his new album in early 2024, of which 3 singles have already been released. A captivating musical epic is in the making.