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Faraj Suleiman Trio (Alberto Malo, Jules Martinet, Louis Matute)

Faraj Suleiman’s musical journey from a Palestinian village to the Montreux Jazz Festival is a tale of determination and passion. Born in al-Ramah, Palestine in 1984, Suleiman’s early exposure to music came from his uncle, a music teacher, who gifted him a piano at the age of 3. Despite early struggles and doubts, Suleiman’s talent flourished, leading him to pursue music professionally.

After briefly considering other career paths, Suleiman committed to his musical calling, studying at the University of Haifa and Jerusalem. Influenced by jazz and inspired by encounters with like-minded collaborators, he began composing and performing his own music. His partnership with lyricist Majd Kayyal proved pivotal, resulting in albums that blend jazz, rock, and Middle Eastern influences.

Suleiman’s dream of performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival became a reality in 2018, marking a turning point in his career. His latest album, “As Much As It Takes”, recorded in Switzerland during the pandemic, reflects his personal and artistic evolution. Featuring a diverse ensemble of musicians and exploring themes of identity and political expression, Suleiman’s music resonates on both a personal and universal level.

From his humble beginnings to international acclaim, Faraj Suleiman’s music continues to transcend boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide.