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Etienne Machine

Human and machine, a modern duality where feelings and technologies meet. Etienne Machine, formed in 2018 in Lausanne, fuses different musical styles such as electronica, art-rock and trip-hop, reminiscent of artists like Massive Attack or Arcade Fire. Following the release of a debut EP “Off” in 2020, featuring the track “Selfspace”, which found itself on the M4Music podium, Etienne Machine released “Off & Off” on the Blizzard Audio Club label in 2021. Acclaimed by the local press and enjoying nationwide exposure, this record enabled the band to perform on numerous stages including Festi’Neuch, the Alhambra and Antigel.

After five releases, Etienne Machine opens a new chapter, accompanied by Humus Records. “A Playground for the Crowd” confirms the artistic potential developed by the band over the last few years. 10 deep, effective and sincere tracks tell the story of the excesses caused by the omnipresence of social networks and the transformation of relationships in today’s world.