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Deep Purple

A stage on the lake in Montreux? The opportunity was just too good to miss. The Festival had to invite Deep Purple to make history by playing ‘Smoke on The Water’ on the waters of Lake Geneva. This being Deep Purple’s 10th concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival is the icing on the cake. On stage, the hard rock pioneers have always been an incredible factory of virtuosity and improvisation, stringing together lyrical and inventive solos, backed by the relentless rhythm of mainstays Ian Paice and Roger Glover. Their current tour features tracks from both albums (three since 2017!) and legendary hits such as ‘Black Night’ and ‘Hush’. At Montreux, there’s always that spine-tingling moment when Ian Gillan sings the chorus of ‘Smoke on the Water’. So imagine it resounding far and wide, over the waves of Lake Geneva to the streets of Montreux… We’re already shivering.

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