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Dean Lewis

If there is one artist who has the perfect recipe for putting emotions to music, it is Dean Lewis. In a soothing pop that flirts with the nostalgia of the Gallagher brothers’ sound, he talks about love in a way that is both gentle and frontal. Having left his native Australia, he now has the world in his sights. His songs have accumulated more than 7 billion streams and have even found their way into the soundtracks of hit TV shows. But Dean Lewis isn’t stopping there and continues to surprise by laying his voice over a dance production by DJ Kygo. The result? A hit, “Never Really Loved M”, which simply boosted his rise. Dean Lewis’ music undoubtedly serves as a bridge between the past and the present. Poignant lyrics, heady acoustic melodies and an assumed sincerity make him an accomplished artist.

  • Romandie exclusive