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Known for his arrogant rap and extraordinary energy on stage, Dominique Iloki aka DAU opens a new chapter in 2024: the Longjumeau native reveals a new facet of his universe, a personal rap that reveals a little more of the man behind the mask.
It has to be said that a lot has happened since the final of Nouvelle Ecole (Netflix), which saw his single ‘Finale’ soar to the top of the charts in the summer of 2023. With no less than an EP and an album due in 2023, colossal exposure and dazzling success, it was time to take a breather, to stop for a moment and think about what’s next.
Far from the hustle and bustle and sirens of the rap game, DAU went into exile in Montreal, where he sought inspiration alongside producer High Klassified. While retaining his singular verve, he opened himself up to new atmospheres and new ideas while working on more intimate lyrics, closer to himself.