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d4vd may have the makings of a GenZ artist but his melancholy ballads have a timeless quality. With his hits ‘Romantic Homicide’ and ‘Here With Me’ hugely popular on TikTok, David Burke is a true phenomenon: a casual genius to whom everything seems to come easily. His YouTube account dedicated to the online game Fortnite provided his entry into music. Prohibited from using his favourite music on his videos, he set about creating his own sounds. Even today, the artist still prefers the do-it-yourself method. He claims to have recorded his Petals to Thorns EP on his iPhone in his sister’s cupboard. It’s a homemade production that allows him the complete freedom to fuse styles from alternative rock to hip-hop and R&B. He will be performing on the Casino stage the same night as Laufey, with whom he recorded the track ‘This is How it Feels’.

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    To all guitarists and MJF fans out there: this new limited series is made for you!

  • Glass Bottle

    Borosilicate glass (laboratory glass), which is approx. 50 percent lighter, more heat-resistant, suitable for cold and hot drinks

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