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Creatures Concept


Juice is an emerging artist on the Fribourg electronic music scene. Somewhere between minimal, house and tech house, Juice transports you into her spellbinding world of sexy, groovy rhythms. Come along and let yourself be seduced by her intoxicating energy!


Schusthug is a music lover and DJ with a passion for fat basslines. Expect a cocktail of electro, house and prog.


Passionate about mixing house, electro and breakbeat, Agolino creates sets inspired by the unique atmosphere of each venue. With a love of music and a keen sense of rhythm, he creates dynamic musical experiences that always get the dancefloor grooving.

Creatures Soundsystem

Ivo Testaroxo

Ivo Testaroxo, or the neo-bolide travelling across the plains of Italo-Disco via the paths of House without hesitating to venture into the Dark Disco bends.