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Chloé Caillet

Chloé Caillet, known as DJ Cashu, is a leading figure in São Paulo’s queer underground electronic music scene. Alongside Carneosso, she co-founded the Mamba Negra collective, providing a platform for diverse artists and advocating for female representation and sexual and gender freedom. Mamba Negra, established in 2013, has evolved into a label, agency, and radio station. Cashu’s influence extends beyond São Paulo, as she performs at block parties, festivals, and clubs across Brazil and internationally. She initiated the Rádio Vírus project in 2015, hosting live acts and DJ sets, supporting local and foreign artists. Cashu collaborates with artists like Benjamim Sallum and Amanda Mussi for the LORAC ISSUM project and has started her productions during the Red Bull Music Pulse’s residency in São Paulo. Her international presence includes performances at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam and other venues like De School club and Red Light Radio.