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BigaRanx, Telly or Telly* del Mundo, born in 1988 in Tours. Behind this name lies above all a musical and visual universe that the artist himself has created and continues to embody for over ten years now. MC, composer, producer and visual artist, BigaRanx masters and shapes his music like a total art. Influenced and impregnated by the musical energies of Jamaica, and this since his youth and his first travels, he quickly approaches his music by taking a step aside and generates his own music from roots reggae, a mixture of cloud music and rub-a-dub to which he associates screwed and chopped to create a style all his own: the vapor dub. Through these soaring and enveloping sounds, obtained among others on his OP-1, everything is magnified: boom vap, stepper or lo-fi merge, without forgetting quality texts in English or French for this MC at heart. To accompany his music, as eclectic as it is mastered, BigaRanx offers his audience an artistic direction – especially on stage – that is sharp and inspired by raw, underground and vibrant art, not far from a Basquiat.