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Bianca Costa

Listening to Bianca Costa’s first EP, Florianópolis (2020), we thought that these eight songs were the work of an ambitious artist, a singer who has perfectly understood the codes of her generation, less attracted by concessions than by the possibility of a pleasure that escapes the rules. “Falala”, her latest single, in duet with Bolémvn, attests to this. In barely two minutes and thirty seconds, it is all the melodic know-how of Bianca Costa, 22 years old, which is synthesized: her sense of party, her sunny sounds, her references (baile funk, rap) and her taste for the mixed rhythms. I was born in Brazil and I grew up in Portugal as much as in France: I naturally tend towards danceable tracks,” she confides, her voice full of certainty. Through songs like “Falala”, I feel like I’m expressing who I am: a dynamic girl, always on the move and proud of her culture.