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Austin Millz

Austin Millz brings the vibrant energy of Harlem to the world through his smooth, upscale dance music cuts. Raised in the culturally rich borough of Harlem, Millz draws inspiration from its distinct flair, blending it with global influences to create infectious dance floor fillers.

His journey from marketing professional to acclaimed DJ and producer was fueled by his passion for music, nurtured by his upbringing surrounded by the sounds of New York. Influenced by the legendary Paradise Garage and the eclectic music scene of Harlem, Millz found his calling in creating original music that reflects his unique blend of genres and cultures.

Now based in LA, Millz’s latest EP, ‘Breathwork’, showcases his versatile sound, blending atmospheric house, buoyant pop vocals, and soulful bounce. With guest appearances from Estelle, Duckwrth, Aline Baraz, and more, the EP takes listeners on a journey through the euphoria of a night out.

For Millz, music is a platform for inclusivity and unity. As a Black, Puerto Rican artist in dance music, he aims to break barriers and bring people from all backgrounds together through his music. His vision for the future of his sound is one of diversity and inclusivity, where everyone feels represented and welcomed.

“This is new age Black dance music. This is the future,” Millz declares, “But inclusive of everybody!”