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Feeze & Mercure Ateliers Rock du CMVR

Ateliers Rock du CMVR
The group was formed in 2021 by three young rock passionates : David (drums), Léo Degoumois (guitar) and Nolan Geiser (bass), as part of the rock workshops at the Conservatoire de Montreux. While composing their first songs, the group was actively looking for a singer. A year later, after a few unsuccessful attempts, they met Rania Engstroem (vocals) and Eva Parmentier (guitar). A beautiful complicity was created between them, and they began by performing at the Conservatoire de Montreux-Vevey-Riviera’s evening rock workshops, on the stage of the Sylvia Waddilove Foundation. Before long, they started playing on other stages in their region, before finally achieving the ultimate accolade for youngsters of their age: the Superbock Stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival!