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Arma Jackson

Arma Jackson has always imagined his room as a laboratory. It is within the walls of his family home in Lausanne that he has given life to all his projects. Initially guided by his older brothers and their passion for rap, he gradually opened his ears to other genres to create his own musical bubble, from Michael Jackson to Coldplay, via Aznavour. A diversity from which he draws his inspiration. A first key to understand the singularity and creativity of his music, between rap egotrip, neo-soul sounds, acid pop and house music. Supported by Omar Sy and Youssoupha, invited on the albums of artists such as Jok’air or Sneazzy, best Swiss artist at the Swiss Music Awards 2021, Arma Jackson is in the process of making a place for himself on the musical scene. He experiments, doses, repeats and evolves his formula, imagining himself in search of a cure. A cure for his ills. For ours too, of course.