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Air is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its legendary album, Moon Safari. On the 16th January 1998, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel released their landmark work. The Versailles duo went on to win acclaim from everyone including Lynch and Bowie, to Beck and Sofia Coppola, who chose Air to soundtrack to her first film. Propelled to the heights of the global electronic music scene, Air has had a lasting influence on the ‘downtempo’ scene, and artists such as Tame Impala and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Twenty-five years on, Moon Safari retains its sense of timelessness. Vintage keyboards and synthesised vocals combine in a work that is both organic and electronic, spectral yet structured. Renowned for its atmospheric textures, the album is also a goldmine of compelling pop, as evidenced by the hits ‘All I Need’ and ‘Sexy Boy’. Playing live after more than six years away from the stage, Air will be performing Moon Safari in its entirety for the very first time.

Monday – 15 July
Scène du Lac
Tickets Category
Standing & Seating
CHF 138.–