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AGY3NA grew up in Nürnberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany. At a young age, he first got in touch with music through different ensembles, where he played both baritone and percussion. Ignited by his early endeavors into Berlin’s gay nightlife, he began DJing at local clubs and bars. He soon started to perform regularly back home in Nürnberg, while also curating and organizing concerts and parties as part of an independent promoter collective. By mixing music from different genres and decades, AGY3NA often creates a feeling of nostalgia on the dancefloor, while always keeping his focus on playful rhythms and uplifting transitions. When he stands behind the decks, AGY3NA connects to his own feelings of freedom on the dancefloor. His music selection gravitates towards spacey, explorative, and rhythm-focused House and Electro. Afrofuturism, an aesthetic that explores the intersection of African culture and futuristic icons, plays a leading role in his artistic work. It not only connects his intrinsic urge for experimentation with his artistic expression, but also links it with his identity as a black man growing up in Germany. His projects are a result of the frictions related to this intersectional identity, which creates a unique narrative that cannot be ignored when listening to his music. After finishing his first degree in psychology, AGY3NA moved to Berlin to pursue a masters in cognitive science, while finetuning his DJing skills. Two years later, he moved to Leipzig, where he currently parallels his music projects with his interests as academic researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience.