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Gaspard Sommer

Singer, pianist, producer and songwriter, Gaspard Sommer churns out multiple projects at breakneck speed, revealing all the nuances of his musical personality. Having collaborated with Danitsa, Flèche Love and the Colors Records label, the Geneva-based artist launches a solo career in 2017 with the EP Out For A Run, flirting between James Blake’s post-dubstep and the nu-jazz instruments of Tyler the Creator. After a master’s degree at the Basel Jazzcampus, the musician embarks on a more instrumental phase with the album Asking Questions, combining smooth jazz and intimate pop. His latest single “STP”, released in 2020, reveals the artist in auto-tuned French prose and ultra-funky solar beats.

Gaspard Sommer (vocals, keys), Killian Perret-Gentil (guitar), Virgile Rosselet (bass), Leo Juston (drums)