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The Green Flamingos

For The Green Flamingos, music is a form of magic, to ward off fate, to remedy ills, to spread a message of love, peace and empathy. Acknowledged by the Swiss and French press (Rock&Folk, RTS, France Inter, FIP), The Green Flamingos founded their own label „The Southern Oracle Records“ in 2020. After a first EP released in February 2015 and a first LP „The Southern Oracle“ in 2017 under the colors of Le Pop Club Records, the band returned to Back To Mono Studios in Lyon in the spring and fall of 2019 to record a second LP under the guidance of Christian Hierro. A velvet voice and a rawer production than its predecessor make the songs on this album sound more telluric, introspective and cathartic. The spirit of this album reflects a duality, both bright and dark.