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Caroline Alves

Caroline Alves was born in a favela in Rio de Janeiro in the late 1990s. A hard environment, which welds together, and in which one must grow up quickly. In 2008 she and her mother came to Switzerland. Caroline Alves reached for the guitar and taught herself music. She quickly discovered more and more passion for music and also started singing. Influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Massive Attack, Caroline developed her own unmistakably bittersweet musical style, somewhere between pop, trip-hop, soul, and jazz. After a first EP in 2018, Caroline Alves released her first album Moonlight in 2020. Eight which do not hide themselves from difficult topics. Self-doubt, escape, excesses, failed relationships, and fear of loss – and yet there is always that hopeful, resonant note, and an incredible strength. In 2021, Caroline Alves won the Swiss Music Award as “Best Talent”.